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We are a young and non-traditional digital marketing agency with a special background. We are not the largest agency. On purpose. We believe that by operating smart, agile and efficient, we can achieve more than the larger agencies. We measure what we do, we dare to adjust and let go, and strengthen what works.

We make use of the possibilities of today; what is working today and tomorrow. We work with you to accelerate the growth of your company. Step-by-step. We build, test and launch practical digital solutions, innovative campaigns, unique stories and everything around it.

Curious about our name? We’re happy to tell you in person.


Patrick Giese | Dogfight Digital
Managing Director
Dogfight Team Kondrad
Digital Designer
Dogfight Team Tanya
Digital Marketing Consultant
B2B marketing over ons Dogfight Heerenveen Jelle
Video Creative
Paula Nanninga
Online Marketeer

Our Cases

We are happy to lead you into the world of online marketing. See who has gone before you and how we can help you achieve your goals. Do you have the ambition to grow (online) but don’t know how? Then challenge us to take your business to a higher level.

Online marketing bureau Heerenveen Dogfight Digital -Consult


Lasaulec needed to increase their online engagement. With our help, followers on Facebook grew from 1,100 to over 26,000 followers.


With a reach of almost 2 million through Social Advertising, we have increased brand awareness among Quadient’s target group.


By implementing a long-term strategy we seize all online opportunities and keep current customers up to date.


The wish of 3M is more turnover through online channels. We have ensured an increase in online involvement, leads, and sales.


IVS-Alliance had difficulty reaching their target group. With them, we developed a content platform, social media strategy, and a new website.