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What about our name?

Our name was chosen for a reason. Not because it sounds nice (that’s a side benefit) or because it comes across as aggressive (because in the positive sense of the word, we certainly are) but mostly because it fits with what we believe in. And there’s a great story to that.

Our idea

Of course, when the idea for our marketing agency was born in 2015, we needed a name. A name that connects to what we do, but above all one in which our philosophy can come forward. Directly or indirectly.

Our idea comes from what we could see in our personal and business lives. And what we saw happening then, we only see intensifying today. The world is changing. At a rapid pace and with increasing speed. Faster than we realize. And this is largely due to digitalization. We can no longer imagine life without the internet, cell phones, or services such as Netflix, Amazon, or Just Eat. And that has an impact on our expectations. From us as private individuals, as consumers, or as business customers. Digital convenience is the new normal. The new minimum even, because customer expectations will go beyond mere convenience.

The speed at which our expectations change requires a great deal of adaptability from companies. Especially in the field of marketing. Many companies are traditionally not used to this. But if you don’t adapt, you will lose. You will lose to your competitor, your opponents. And they can come from anywhere. New players conquer existing markets. Existing players conquer new markets. Traditional chains become networks.

So it requires a different kind of marketing. Not a digital version of what marketers have always done, but a new way of communicating, interacting, and thinking in changing business models. Not so much digital marketing, but marketing in a digital world.

Our idea from 2015 is stronger today than ever. We help companies adapt to the changing behavior of their customers. With the sustainable creation of business as our goal.

Back to the name

So as a company, you will need to be able to adapt to this digital world, be agile, be able to pick up speed. You have to keep a sharp eye on your target. And defend your position at the right moment, dare to eliminate your competitor, and win the battle for the customer. But what name for our agency is appropriate? What or who is smart, agile, and results-oriented?

After brainstorming for many days via WhatsApp (!), the image of a pilot emerged. A fighter pilot who tries to save his own skin in full concentration from his cockpit in an aerial battle. He must react the fastest, be agile, and get his opponent in his sights at high speed. And finally, take out his opponent with a targeted salvo of shots through the blue sky. Like Tom Cruise as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the movie Top Gun. In a ‘dogfight’.

We had found our name. And by adding ‘digital’ the name had a nice alliteration too. Seems to do well in marketing (Coca-Cola, Donald Duck, Dunkin’ Donuts).

I will fire when I am goddamn good and ready! You got that?

Tom Cruise as MaverickFrom the Oscar-winning movie Top Gun

The story continues

Maverick’s eventual success in this film was not a foregone conclusion. In addition to talent and guts, it took years of training and flying hours to finally pull the trigger at the right time. But perhaps more important was the realization that he needed a team to excel. The battle plan briefing had to be top-notch, the instruments had to work to give the right data, and communication with the control tower ensured quick decision-making when it was needed. After all, every fight is unique.

These elements, too, are locked into our name, and thus into our philosophy and way of working. Marketing success in the digital world does not come naturally, you need an idea, a plan, and above all persistence in execution. With a top team.

At Dogfight Digital we think strategically and act practically. Our team of experienced strategists, creative marketers, and web developers is the ideal mix to turn any marketing challenge into a success. We believe that by operating smart, agile, and with guts we fit perfectly with people and organizations that have the same big ambitions as Maverick. Ready to take on the dogfight.

Ready to take on the dogfight with us?

Let’s get the best out of each other. It often starts with a cup of coffee.

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