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Rebuilding online identity through new websites and social media.

PearlPaint Group, active in the Netherlands and Belgium, develops, produces, and supplies liquid and malleable brand products for repairing, protecting, maintaining, and cleaning. All products have been developed for specific applications in the living and working environment, construction, and industry.

PearlPaint Group works with an ambitious and driven team on quality brands including Avis Professional®, Bleko®, Bleko Power®, Bolivia Professional®, De Parel®, Rolith Professional®, Trae Lyx®, and Verfijn®.

In addition, they advise and assist customers in the promotion and sale of their branded products to users. They support users with knowledge and expertise about product choice and the application of the product. Professional users can go to wholesalers in paint and building materials for branded products. Consumers at the specialized paint and furniture stores.


Branding is now more important than ever

Potential customers make informed decisions based on online content. It is key to be found in places where your customers are most present through relevant and engaging information. Creating online brand awareness for both channel partners and end-users is becoming increasingly important in a competitive environment.

Together with PearlPaint Group, we are building customer loyalty on a strategic level by creating online brand awareness.






Points of sale


Building a new online identity for seven brands by creating new websites, social media presence, and smart campaigns.

Targeting specific customer groups through online channels will strengthen brand awareness and will help build sales results.

Brand new websites

Social Media management

Video & Photography

Writing blogs

Online advertising

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